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Nathan Cordero

By Tim Foster

Artist Nathan Cordero is looking around his workspace. He has saved piles of wood scraps, dented paint cans, old tennis rackets, crutches, leaves, sawdust and hundreds of used razor blades. To many, this would be detritus; for Cordero it’s inspiration.  Read more »

Skinny Minnie – South Land Park’s Most Unique House

By Bob Masullo  Photos by Scott Duncan

As nice a neighborhood as South Land Park is, its homes don’t look like those of, say, Rome or Paris.

Except for one. Read more »

Showdown at the Shops

By William Burg Photo: Western Railway Museum

On July 4, 1894, two companies of Sacramento’s National Guardsmen, bayonets at the ready, faced 3000 strikers at the passenger depot at Second and H Street Read more »

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Sunglasses! by Melody Stone

Sunglasses are a summer must-have! Read more »

Musical Chairs – Susan Moll

Sue Moll is a force of nature in feminine form (36-27-39, she informs us) who has been writing about music for somewhere over 13 years, Read more »

Daytrip: San Francisco

Story and Photos by Niki Kangas

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A Sacramento Success Story

By James W. Cameron  Photo by Scott Duncan

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