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Traces of the past

It’s been a while, almost like I skipped a week and pretended I didn’t. Sketchy! I have found some super cool things over the last few weeks. A teeny itsy bitsy bike wreck forced a new parking /walking 14 blocks to work scheme which in turn led me to discover (and rediscover) some cool remnants of the Sac that used to be.  Like this cool stone (I know there is a name for it, read for Bill Burg’s enlightening comment below) near 4th and Q.

Tony Beretta’s. I had a dream of opening a bar here once. Now I have a dream of someone else opening a bar here.

This Southern Pacific marker is white on the other side so I walked by it a million times before I noticed it. Somewhere about 7th and T, maybe?

And finally, try this. Especially near Franklin and Broadway, where it is needed. I saw someone rip a handful of hair out of another person’s head about 8 feet from this sign once.