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Midmo’s Best Summer Ever Party proved that 2011 really is the best summer ever!!! The BSEP also proved that:

  • 2011 is the summer of the BSE chant.
  • Bands should always perform against a backdrop of horse drives and weiners.
  • Summer fun = beach balls.
  • Matias Bombal is one dapper mofo.
  • Midmo brings out the hotties.
  • The Best Summer Ever Band might just end up being my favorite summer jam.
  • Hibiscus/mint/grape is a tasty ass popsicle flavor.

The list could go on and on. This was an epic party, we brought Bows to capacity proving that Midtown knows how to rock it on a Tuesday night. Thanks to everyone who came out and here’s to THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Incoming! Armadillo Music and KDVS record swap 6/26

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