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Wanna see something rad?

Rebecca Crowther, Associate Archivist at the Center for Sacramento History, artist, photographer, Midmo contributor and all around rad gal, installed a selection of images from the Center’s Suttertown News collection at Time Tested Books this morning. The show runs in conjunction with Suttertown News Editor, Tim Holt’s appearance at the store on June 19 as part of the Living Library speaker series.

The photos are fantastic and are positioned in the window for easy viewing whilst you’re out and about this 2nd Saturday weekend. Check out these radical dudes!

And the Crest pre-reopening in 1986, before the A-Team of Sid, Bill, and Andy nursed her back to health.

I kept thinking this dude is showing off his motorcycle but if you look carefully it’s actually a bicycle. Hardcore!

Complete install looking sweet! There are a lot of familiar faces and places in these pics, making for an inspiring snapshot of the Sacramento that I love. Don’t miss this display before it comes down!
In the meantime mark your calendars for Tim Holt at the Living Library, Sunday, June 19 at 7pm.
Big thanks to Rebecca and the Center for Sacramento History!