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Midtown Wedding

By Melody Stone  Photos by Scott Duncan

One day, while stopped at the corner of 21st and J, an idea came to me. As I looked around at a church, a print shop and a bridal store all at the same intersection, I thought, “Gee, one could plan an entire wedding in a few blocks.” Read more »

Hot Eats, Cool Treats

By Becky Grunewald  Photos by Scott Duncan

When Sacramento’s crushing summer heat is in full attack mode the last thing anyone wants is to sit down to a steaming hot meal.It’s much nicer to just nibble, nosh and sip your way through summer.  Here are some small plates and cool drinks that will refresh you like a Delta breeze Read more »

A Day In The Life Of Fire House #2

By James W. Cameron Photo by Scott Duncan

Times have changed in the firefighting world. As depicted in films, firefighters go to bed in their fire gear, struggle out of their slumber when claxon alarms sound to warn of a call to duty, then slide down a brass pole to the floor below, where they spring onto a fire truck and sail off to save the community.  Well, not so fast, guys. Read more »

Best Summer Ever

By Becky Grunewald, Photo by Scott Duncan

Ahhh, to be 27 again, working a fun, easy (albeit low-paying job), drifting from punk house to punk house with a shifting group of friends for roommates, wasting away the long, languid days of summer lazing in the back yard with a cheap beer in your hand. Read more »

Wine Picks- June 2011

Read more »

Nacho Business

By Tony King

As a rule, Sunday nights in Sacramento are chill at their best, and downright dull at their worst. As the drudgery of the working week waits just around the corner, most people usually opt to crack open a beer, Read more »

Living in Java City

By William Burg

In the 1960s, when “Starbuck” was still just a character in Moby Dick, Sacramento’s first coffeehouses jangled the nerves of the Beat Generation. Read more »

Musical Chairs, Trish Consunji

Trish Consunji is a writer, music nut and travel addict, so it seemed natural to combine all three in Travel to Music, a blog that was “part concert review and mostly personal concert experience.” Read more »