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Eats on the Street – Trey B Cakes

My friend Lisa loves cake, so much so in fact that she once casually uttered the statement, “I don’t think about money all that much, mostly I think about cake.” Read more »

Skinner on the Huffington Post

Local art superstar Skinner just popped up in John Seed’s HuffPo article about Alan Bamberger’s series of portraits featuring artists with their work. Bamberger runs and attends a staggering 1000-1500 art shows a year, and photographs many of the artists with their work.  It’s an interesting article.. check it out here.

Keep Midtown Janky Tees are Here!

Our interview with Melanie ‘Keep Midtown Janky’ Dinos produced a flood of requests for Janky tees like the one she was wearing in the cover photo.    Now, only six months later, YOU can have your own Keep Midtown Janky 100% cotton tee for only $15!

Three options for you:

Stop by Phono Select at 2312 K Street and pick up your Janky tee in person.

Pick one up at our office (980 Ninth Street, Suite 175) Monday-Friday, 10AM-5PM

We’ll ship it: order at (916) 444 7665

Incoming! Houses, Sweet Rom Dom Perignon 5/16

Everything is everything, now! Just when it seems like there might be no more possibilities, four more lines blur together to form a new and exciting musical path for the youth of tomorrow. Such is the era of today: mix up what already exists and use it, to the best of your fun and practical potential. This sort of energy, combined with the ease and quality of modern home recording, help make this gorgeous debut from Houses possible.  Released by Sacramento’s own Lefse Records, All Night is a rich and multi-layered mélange of texture, exploring what might all at once remind the listener of more captivating IDM jams, the blissed-out charm of Yacht Rock, or the repetitious, acid-soaked lyrical grooves of Animal Collective’s Panda Bear.  The story behind making All Night is almost more beautiful than the music within: a couple moves from Chicago to a remote village in Hawaii, where they drink, shower, and cook with rainwater, cultivating indigenous micro-organisms for work. Basking in the ease, simplicity, and loving nature of this new environment, he records, via solar-powered computer. She paints, and often lends her voice to his dreamy, spaced-out vocal tracks. “We inspired each other a lot out there, and I think it shows on the album…We just kind of melted into one person.” -TM

 Blue Lamp, 9PM, 21+

Eats on the Street- Fanny Ann’s Saloon

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Master Gardener Daisy Mah at the Living Library!

Sacramento Master Gardener Daisy Mah will speak at the Sacramento Living Library this Sunday at 7PM. Mah has worked on many of the City’s best gardens including the McKinley Park Rose Garden, and the WPA Garden in Land Park. We profiled Mah last year, and she has plenty to say about her time in Sacramento’s City Gardens and about her successful efforts to reintroduce CA Natives.

Time Tested Books
1114 21st Street
7PM, All Ages, Free

Thumbs up for CapStage production

I started to write this post a few days ago, and then I got lazy about writing a full review, so I didn’t do it. However, I do want to recommend Jesus Hopped the A Train at Capital Stage. That’s the theater company that makes its home in my beloved Old Sac – but not for long! They are moving to Midtown. Anyhoo, their current production, which runs through May 22nd, is one of their stronger offerings this season. Not so much because of the play itself, which is good in a TV drama sort of sense (this playwright has written for TV, including the Sopranos) but for the two lead male performances. Eric Aviles, playing Angel, gives a wonderfully naturalistic performance. Thumbs up!

Art Picks, May 2011

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Incoming! Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom XI 5/14

The hard-working folks at KDVS have done it again If you have never spent a day out at Plainfield Station, soaking up the sun, relaxing with bare feet and blanket, surrounded by the most easy-going others, here’s your chance. The large stage and more personable “2nd stage” in the grass feature bands from here and beyond, hand-picked by your local loving college radio personalities. If you dig the band that’s on, step right up and enjoy the show. If not, it’s super easy to slip into the sidelines and converse, grab a beer or some grub, or just lay back and watch the clouds float by. Don’t want to get drunk in the afternoon? You don’t have to, silly beans!

This ELEVENTH installment of O:RMF continues in the KDVS tradition of presenting the most exciting and promising of the funner, the weirder, and the worthier. Regional awesomeness like Appetite, Zach Hill, Alak, and the UCD Samba School share the outside air with out-of-towners like NoBunny Moonpearl and R. Stevie Moore, pioneer of super-rad fucked-up-weirdo home tape recordings. Find a complete line-up and more at -TM

  Plainfield Station, 23944 County Road 98, Woodland, 2-10PM, $10 presale, $15 at door

Incoming! In The Flow 4 5/13 – 5/16

Mike Watt and the Missingmen are among the acts performing In The Flow 4

This month brings the fourth installment of In The Flow, a festival dedicated largely to jazz and improvisational music, from many of the west coast’s more innovative and well-seasoned performers. If the idea of nearly forty such musicians, poets, and preachers of the improvised underground doesn’t inspire visions of beautiful collaborations, spontaneous soul-baring, intuitive impressions of each individual’s world, or fun and vibrant explorations in sound, then you’re sure to have your ears opened by the vastness and diversity of In The Flow 4. The format’s been a bit different each festival prior – Ross Hammond and collaborators don’t settle for a repetition of what’s come before; this rings true for their musical taste, as well as for the ambitious, intimate, and expanding ways in which they strive to present these exciting anti-genres to Midtown.

Freedom Music is what’s been ordered, and many helpings will be served, at an impressive SIX Midtown venues, over the course of FIVE exciting days. The Press Club kicks things off Thursday night with Mike Watt and the Missingmen!) Phono Select (uber-impressive new record store on K) and Luna’s Café (long-time venue for local music and arts) host back-to-back shows Friday night (the latter being a performance of spontaneous collaborations between poets and bands; a creative pairing that began at last year’s festival). Saturday and Sunday offer huge and sometimes overlapping shows throughout the day, at Phono Select, Sacramento Art Complex (a two-story art gallery and garden at K and 21st), La Raza Galeria Posada (an art and cultural center at 22nd and J), and Antiquite (a unique venue in a historic P St. building). The large, improvising ensemble RACE!!! Orchestra will close the festival with a record release party and performance at Luna’s on Monday night, a show dedicated to Byron Blackburn and Tommy Van Wormer, two much-loved and much-missed people who co-created and invigorated the In The Flow Festival.

Join jazz and improv musicians from Los Angeles, Portland, the Bay Area, Grass Valley, Sacramento and Davis, as they explore a music of their own, in some of the many welcoming establishments that call Midtown home. This is community, and what a wonderful way to experience it! Tickets are on sale now at Phono Select, and at A five-day pass for In The Flow 4 is only $30 – the same price as last year’s three-day fest! An extensive line-up for In The Flow 4, along with more info on the venues, can be found at

multiple venues, all ages, 21+