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Incoming! SuckFest! Secretions 20th anniversary Fri. 5/27 – Sun. 5/29

What?!!? You don’t EVER want to grow up?!!? NEVER?!!? Well, my slowly-ripening friend, this is gonna be the time of your life! SuckFest! celebrates 20 years of the Secretions, Sacramento’s self-made three chord punk heroes. Blast into zombie-fighting, studded-leather-jacket-wearing, caffeine-fueled, “fuck you mom even though I’m forty now!” ultra-fun with the band who never grows (too) old. The Secretions perform all three nights of SuckFest!, with different bands sharing each show. -TM

Fire Escape, 7431 Madison Ave, Citrus Heights 7PM the 27th, 1PM the 28th , 5PM the 29th, 21+

Incoming! Foxtails Brigade 5/25

San Francisco’s Foxtails Brigade delight in the dreamy line between singer-songwriter and folk revival. Read more »