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Keep Midtown Janky Tees are Here!

Our interview with Melanie ‘Keep Midtown Janky’ Dinos produced a flood of requests for Janky tees like the one she was wearing in the cover photo.    Now, only six months later, YOU can have your own Keep Midtown Janky 100% cotton tee for only $15!

Three options for you:

Stop by Phono Select at 2312 K Street and pick up your Janky tee in person.

Pick one up at our office (980 Ninth Street, Suite 175) Monday-Friday, 10AM-5PM

We’ll ship it: order at (916) 444 7665

Incoming! Houses, Sweet Rom Dom Perignon 5/16

Everything is everything, now! Just when it seems like there might be no more possibilities, four more lines blur together to form a new and exciting musical path for the youth of tomorrow. Such is the era of today: mix up what already exists and use it, to the best of your fun and practical potential. This sort of energy, combined with the ease and quality of modern home recording, help make this gorgeous debut from Houses possible.  Released by Sacramento’s own Lefse Records, All Night is a rich and multi-layered mélange of texture, exploring what might all at once remind the listener of more captivating IDM jams, the blissed-out charm of Yacht Rock, or the repetitious, acid-soaked lyrical grooves of Animal Collective’s Panda Bear.  The story behind making All Night is almost more beautiful than the music within: a couple moves from Chicago to a remote village in Hawaii, where they drink, shower, and cook with rainwater, cultivating indigenous micro-organisms for work. Basking in the ease, simplicity, and loving nature of this new environment, he records, via solar-powered computer. She paints, and often lends her voice to his dreamy, spaced-out vocal tracks. “We inspired each other a lot out there, and I think it shows on the album…We just kind of melted into one person.” -TM

 Blue Lamp, 9PM, 21+

Eats on the Street- Fanny Ann’s Saloon

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