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Incoming! Alkali Flats CD Release Party 5/13

with Mike Blanchard & the Californios and Miss Lonely Hearts
Sac’s old-timeyest hillbilly band celebrates the release of their sixth album (on cd, not LP, but don’t get me started) with a big ole party at 10th and S. The Flats have gone through as many permutations as a Spade Cooley combo in their near-decade of existence, but the current lineup is their best yet. The addition of Scotty and Sasha Prawalsky (of the Poplollys) was a stroke of genius; Sasha’s vocals are the anchor the band needed, and Scotty’s playing complements the band perfectly. The only thing missing is Wills Point. -TF

Old Ironsides, 8PM, 21+


Phoning it in.

I was completely surprised to find no blog post from me this morning. It’s the other Monday right? I guess I got a little too caught up in Mother’s Day partying and forgot. Or posting slipped my mind because I kept thinking I would come up with a plan. It’s still Monday in my house so here goes nothing.  I present pictures from around town that have little or nothing to do with each other. Above is my favorite graffiti. A friend told me that a few years ago there was a pair of shoes on top of the curb. If you have any extras this would be a good place to leave them.


That “Eyesore dot com” crackpot finally got his way and someone is cleaning up the old gas station on Alhambra & T. I am also stoked, but I wish it was going to be something more exciting than a Subway, like a Beard Papa franchise.  I wonder what his next eyesore will be?


I love the Johnny Broadways’ running rib. The Nikes crack me up. I love Johnny Broadways’ peach cobbler too. LOVE.

Finally, did you know that the fabric on RT buses has little Capitol buildings on it? Adorable.

And there it is. I should be ashamed of myself, but I am not.