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Artists, Call for Entries: FAUNA

For the month of May, Tangent Gallery is requesting submissions for their group show Fauna, Saturday, May 14th and we wanted to pass on the info:

Zoologists and paleontologists use “fauna” to refer to a typical collection of animals found in a specific time or place, e.g. the “Sonoran Desert fauna” or the “Burgess shale fauna.” It also can refer to a given subset of the fauna of a given region, as in: “… the Amazon basin has a rich ant fauna…”

The name comes from Fauna, a Roman fertility and earth goddess, the Roman god Faunus, and the related forest spirits called Fauns. All three words are cognates of the name of the Greek god Pan, and panis is the Greek equivalent of fauna. Fauna is also the word for a book that catalogues the animals in such a manner. The term was first used by Linnaeus in the title of his 1747 work Fauna Suecica.

Open to interpretations and mediums
Please submit jpegs of image to:
Along w/image description and specs (H x W x L)
Looking forward to it!
Tangent Gallery
2900 Franklin Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95820

In Memory of Micah

My friend Chris Harvey reminded me that Micah Kennedy died two years ago today.

Those that knew Micah will never forget him- or the blistering guitar he played in a number of local bands starting with the Tiki Men. Sadly, little footage of the Tiki Men has found its way online, but at least what’s there captures the band at their peak. Here, in memory of Micah, is a performance from a January 1995 KDVS benefit at old Ironsides. RIP, Micah.

Incoming! Apache Dropout, The Family Stoned, TBA 4/22

If you want a more fuzzed-out, less introspective vibe to flail your loins to on this Friday night, head over to the hub for Bloomington, Indiana’s Apache Dropout. Another of today’s rock n’ roll revisiters who soak their sounds in effects, and make the lyrically mundane sound dramatic, while shamelessly forcing your body to shake to their infectious grooves. The Family Stoned is super heavy and good-feelin’, keeping in the tradition of the sort of stoner rock that Olympia has subtly but consistently bred, carrying the torch of bands like Tight Bros From Way Back When and Black Man, White Man, Dead Man.

The hub, All Ages

Incoming! Early & Often, Caught In Motion, Not An Airplane 4/22

Sacramento’s own Early & Often is keeping the shoe-gaze and thoughtfully intelligent musical movements of bands like Piano Magic and Godspeed You! Black Emperor alive and well (and doing a fine job with it, so it seems). They play steadfast host to the Sea and Cake meets Elliot Smith-ish Caught In Motion, and M. Ward’s little brother’s band-ish Not An Airplane, from Modesto. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Naked Lounge Downtown is an aesthetically pleasing and cozy space, with great sound. I rarely care to say: Check out this or the many other shows they quietly host there. -TM

Naked Lounge H St, 8PM, $7, all ages

Parking Survey

The City is looking into the pricing structure for parking in the East End garage and they’re doing a survey- have your say here.