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Incoming! Mirah live on “Phoning It In” 4/11 w/Girls in Trouble, TBA 4/14

If there was a modern-day Queen of Indie, Mirah would surely be wearing the crown. Since the late ‘90s, she’s been releasing consistently well-received albums on Olympia’s K Records, beginning her career there with loads of touring and collaboration with Phil Elvrum (then of the Microphones, now of Mt. Eerie). Many awesome ladies have hit the scene with similar sounds over the years (Jolie Holland, the Blow, et al), but none have built the fan-base that follows Mirah, wherever she goes. She teases her entry into our parts with a session on “Phoning It In,” the east-coast-moved-to-Davis broadcast where a band or musician calls in, chats with the host and plays some songs, live and over the phone! Hot damn! A few days later, she’s back for a concert at Sophia’s, bringing with her an equally powerful lady-fronted outfit called Girls In Trouble. These Brooklyn-ites pack a sweet little punch with their similarly delivered “this is this and that is that and I am me and thank you very much” attitude of folk-pop love for the ears. Aaron Hartman, long-time upright bassist for Old Time Relijun, is now found slapping his strings with Girls in Trouble, giving you yet one more reason to come see what all the hub-bub is about! –TM

Phoning it In: 7:30 – 8, KDVS 90.3 fm, or stream live at

Sophia’s Thai Kitchen, Davis, 9pm, $5