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Incoming! Hullabaloo! Rock ‘ N’ Roll Shindig with DJ Hailey 4/9

I can’t say that we here at MidMo are DJ Hailey’s biggest fans, but we gotta be close. The performance-art-meets-pop-sensation intersections of Hailey’s MOM shows are definitely some of the recent bright spots in Sac’s sometimes dullsville live music scene. Who can be bothered seeing yet another dusty bar band when there’s a minx in mouse ears ready to spit blood on your shoes? But I digress. One of the things that makes MOM so effective is her choice of inspirational source music- from Annette Funicello to off-kilter world music, she’s got an ear for catchy weirdo stuff. On this once a month Hullabaloo! gig Hailey struts her stuff as a DJ, playing a mix of rock ‘n’ roll, soul, doo-wop, R& B and of course, wackiness.  MidMo’s own Becky Grunewald will be DJing the first set with a mix of the Banana Splits, the Kaleidoscope, and maybe even Thee Makeout Party if she gets a wild hair! -TF

Fox and Goose, 9PM, $3m, 21+

Incoming! Greg Ginn & The Royal We, Garage Jazz Architects, Chopstick Sat 4/9

Last March, SST Records and former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn came through town with his rock-jazz-country-blues-latin-psychedelia band, the Taylor Texas Corrugators. He returns, this time with the Royal We (though I can’t find any proof of an actual band that’ll be with him!) The music is apparently more electronic than rock-based, with Ginn possibly manning everything. Garage Jazz Architects began as a conceptual idea of Lob, founder of the ever-changing Instagon, and usual cohort to Ginn’s semi-regular appearances. Tunes like “Cat Scratch Infection” and “Surf Orangevale” have helped the concept of the Architects come to life: creating garage jazz cover versions of popular songs and riffs, and having different sets of themed covers to perform and expand upon. Chopstick opens this night of “whatever the hell we want to play, eh!” –TM


Naked Lounge H Street, 8pm, $6, all ages