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Barefoot for a Cause

Tomorrow, all over the world, people are willingly going without footwear for 24 hours to honor the people who can’t afford shoes. The event is spearheaded by shoe company TOMS.  A company started with the mission to provide shoes to people in developing nations and combat poverty.

The Sugar Shack on J Street is encouraging dirty footed walkers with a 10 percent off TOMS sale and raffle. From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow Sugar Shack is throwing a barefoot party with food, drinks and a photo booth.

Local fashion blogger Juniper James is helping spread the word via her blog. “Around here @ Juniper James, we care about the vehicle of fashion being able to propel others to a better place in the world,” Juniper Jame’s Kari Shipman writes, “Or as we like to call it, Fashion. Forward. We’re excited to be a part of this movement & sharing our Day Without Shoes with all of you.”

Many Children in developing nations walk miles for school, fresh water and health care barefoot. TOMS is a company founded with the mission of providing shoes to those children. Every time someone purchases a pair of TOMS a child in a developing nation is given a pair.

Cornflower Farms

By Michele Hebert  Photos by Scott Duncan

Have you ever wondered what Sacramento looked like before all the evergreen lawns, camellias, and Japanese maples were landscaped onto the scene?

Had you arrived here before the ‘49ers you’d have seen fields of purple needle grass, a tall tufted perennial with spiky purple-tinged flowers, and stands of valley oaks, deciduous trees with thickly ridged bark, deeply lobed leaves, and shiny brown acorns favored by local creatures. Read more »

Sacto MoFo

By Sarah Singleton  photos by Scott Duncan

Food cart.  Roach coach.  Taco truck.  Everywhere but here, they’re all the rage. Read more »

Indian Off (Way Off) the Grid

 By Becky Grunewald

When I emailed MidMo’s trusty, car-free photographer, Scott Duncan, his assignment for this issue he replied, “I thought this was MIDTOWN MONTHLY not MACK ROAD MONTHLY.” Read more »

Boobs, Blood and Laser-Eyes

by Melody Stone  Photos by Bob Herron

The coordinators of the Trash Film Orgy spent 11 years screening other people’s films before they decided it was time to launch their own horror movie endeavors. Read more »

David Mogavero

By James W. Cameron  Photos by Scott Duncan

As he settles comfortably into a couch in his Midtown office, David Mogavero’s professorial look and serious demeanor are offset by the twinkle in his eye and the fervor of his speech.  He talks about his abiding passion, the future of cities in general, and  Sacramento in particular. Read more »

Interview: Buk Buk Bigups

By Becky Grunewald  Photos by Scott Duncan

Buk Buk Bigups was a project before it was a band.  It was spawned in 2009 on the laptop of Aaron Zeff at a house on T street Read more »

Musical Chairs, April 2011

Daniel Barnes

This isn’t the first time SNR’s longtime film reviewer Dan Barnes has written for MidMo, but it is the first time he’s waxed on something not related to the Silver Screen for us. Read more »


Story and photos by Sarah Singleton

You might recognize Angelo Bariani from local farmer’s markets, standing behind a small table, lined with bottles of different sizes and labels of varying colors.  His smile is irresistible and his broken English endearing.  But the olive oil!  It sweeps you off your feet. Read more »

Wine Picks, April 2011

Read more »