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Art Picks, March 2011

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Patrick Mulvaney & Shawn Harrison: March 20

Foodie alert! Noted Sacramento chef Patrick Mulvaney was one of the region’s first proponents of Slow Food; his celebrated Midtown restaurant, Mulvaney’s B&L, exemplifies many tenets of the movement. At this Living Library event on Sunday, March 20, Mulvaney will speak with Soil Born Farms Executive Director Shawn Harrison about local agriculture and its influence on Sacramento dining culture.

Sunday, March 20
Time Tested Books, 1114 21st Street
Free, all ages, 7PM

INCOMING! March 19: Tera Melos, Marnie Stern, Amaranth

Record Club and Terroreyes Presents
Tera Melos, Marnie Stern, Amaranth+

Sacramento’s own Tera Melos have been shredding up a storm lately. Formed in 2004, the math-y, dance-y, exciting-y and mostly instrumental-y trio have gone from being local openers to international headliners in the last few years, taking their noodle-heavy freedom-rock across Europe, Japan, South America, and the States. Don’t miss the last show of their month-long tour with NYC’s ULTIMATE SHREDDER Marnie Stern. This little lady doles out an incredible and impressive wallop, armed with finger-tapped-to-the-max guitar and ultra-proficient band (which for a long time our own Zach Hill held place in). This Holy Trinity of a line-up is completed by Amaranth. Comprised of Hella’s Spencer Seim and Aaron Ross, and featuring Ross’ signature “take me to the moon” nasally wizard vocals, the vast yet cozy spaceship of their sound is much more than an extension of Ross’ solo work – it’s a rock creature all it’s own. -Troy Mighty

The Townhouse, 9pm, $7, 21+

Francis House Fundraiser: Victoria Vox March 18

Victoria Vox, a rising young singer/songwriter of folk pop, will headline Friday’s ‘Give Them Hope’ fundraiser for the Francis House. Vox uses her ukulele as a delicate front color in her musical palette, and her silky vocal lines might remind a listener of singer Feist or Natalie Merchant. For this benefit concert, she will be joined by her Colorado musical colleagues, The Boulder Acoustic Society. They were her backing band on her 2010 album, Exact Change, and contribute a blend of traditional roots and blues to Vox’s ultimately pop-rock sensibility. Tickets may be purchased here.

The recent passing of the Francis House Executive Director and longtime homeless advocate Greg Bunker has put a poignant and resolute exclamation point on the sustaining efforts of the forty year old poverty resource & counseling center. Francis House, of which Bunker had been Executive Director for 21, years assists 30,000 local citizens every year. “He was so excited about bringing Victoria Vox to Sacramento in this concert. His spirit and legacy lives on within us” said Greg Reed, Program Director for Francis House.

Sac’s Top 20 Sandwiches!

by Becky Grunewald

Undertaking the task to list my favorite 20 sandwiches in the Sacramento area is, I learned, a lot more about what I don’t want in a sandwich than what I do. For starters, I don’t desire a Dagwood-style, piled-to-the-sky behemoth. I also don’t want honey mustard, or too much sweet mixed with savory. Keep those orange things you are calling tomatoes out of there. And, the number one thing that held me back from having a list with twice as many sandwiches, is that I can’t stand processed lunch meat. What is that strip of “skin” around the edge of turkey lunchmeat, anyway? I shudder to think. And, as much as I love cured meats, simply buying quality salami and placing it between two slices of bread isn’t going to wow me. If you didn’t house cure it, I don’t want to hear about it. Read more »

Associate Editor’s Letter

The idea for this month’s Food Issue was hatched in May 2010, when New York Magazine ran a sumptuous slideshow on their website for the “city’s 101 finest” sandwiches. I clicked, and drooled, and told Tim I would like to try to do something similar for Sacramento. Read more »

Jason Azevedo

by Sarah Singleton Photos by Scott Duncan

What’s that old saying about not wanting to watch sausage being made? It’s poppycock, I say, an old husband’s tale. At least it’s true with the sausage I buy, which is made from locally sourced pork, butchered by a skilled chef, and spiced and smoked with an expert hand. Read more »

Del Rio Botanicals

Story and photos by Michele Hebert

Driving north along the Old River Road, I recently saw rural West Sacramento at its wintry best. With magpies and bare almond orchards to my left and the high Sacramento River to my right, I gradually made my way toward Peabody Ranch and savored the view. When I arrived I met Suzanne Peabody Ashworth, the powerhouse behind Del Rio Botanicals. Read more »

Gold Rush Gal

by James W. Cameron

On first glance, Courtney Beaudreau, 26, is a typical, attractive Midtown resident. She’s blond, always smiling, and enthused about life in her hometown. But she has something that sets her apart. She’s a member of the Gold Rush, the San Francisco ‘49ers cheerleading squad, a role occupied by only thirty carefully selected ladies. Read more »

Musical Chairs, March 2011

As soon as we scheduled a Food Issue there was no question who was at the top of our list for the issue’s Musical Chair: Aaron Moreno. If Moreno doesn’t sound familiar, odds are you may know his alter ego: bluesman Aaron King. Read more »