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Incoming! Richard Thompson Electric Trio, March 23

As one of the musicians who actually deserved a place on Rolling Stone Magazine’s ‘Top 20 Guitarists of All Time,’ Richard Thompson is the finest folk-rock guitarist to ever come out of the UK, bar none. And if that plaudit wasn’t enough, his lyrics and compositions are world-class; comparisons to prime Dylan are not exaggerated one bit. Thompson has a long history of playing in the Sacramento area; he is on record as saying that his favorite venue in the world was the late, great Palms Playhouse in its original locale. Those intimate performances are still spoken about in hushed and reverential voices. As a one-time member of the legendary Fairport Convention, and in the intervening 40 years, Thompson has honed his words and music to the degree any master craftsman does with their art: with an eye for detail, a universal appeal both flawed and brilliant all at once, as all true geniuses are. Opening the show are locals Alex Nelson Acoustic Trio. -Dennis Yudt

Ace of Spades, 3/23
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Where the Tiger meets the Dragon

I am always surprised when people don’t know about the tile house in Curtis Park. It’s not like this house is a shirking violet, but it is a block or two off of the main thoroughfare. I could tell you exactly where it is, but what’s the fun in that?

In unrelated news, John Olmsted died earlier this month. Without him, Sacramento and the world would not have the American River Parkway. Rest in Peace, sir. Thanks for everything. His son made a movie about his life, “My Father who Art in Nature.”