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Sac’s Top 20 Sandwiches!

by Becky Grunewald

Undertaking the task to list my favorite 20 sandwiches in the Sacramento area is, I learned, a lot more about what I don’t want in a sandwich than what I do. For starters, I don’t desire a Dagwood-style, piled-to-the-sky behemoth. I also don’t want honey mustard, or too much sweet mixed with savory. Keep those orange things you are calling tomatoes out of there. And, the number one thing that held me back from having a list with twice as many sandwiches, is that I can’t stand processed lunch meat. What is that strip of “skin” around the edge of turkey lunchmeat, anyway? I shudder to think. And, as much as I love cured meats, simply buying quality salami and placing it between two slices of bread isn’t going to wow me. If you didn’t house cure it, I don’t want to hear about it. Read more »