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Associate Editor’s Letter

The idea for this month’s Food Issue was hatched in May 2010, when New York Magazine ran a sumptuous slideshow on their website for the “city’s 101 finest” sandwiches. I clicked, and drooled, and told Tim I would like to try to do something similar for Sacramento. Read more »

Jason Azevedo

by Sarah Singleton Photos by Scott Duncan

What’s that old saying about not wanting to watch sausage being made? It’s poppycock, I say, an old husband’s tale. At least it’s true with the sausage I buy, which is made from locally sourced pork, butchered by a skilled chef, and spiced and smoked with an expert hand. Read more »

Del Rio Botanicals

Story and photos by Michele Hebert

Driving north along the Old River Road, I recently saw rural West Sacramento at its wintry best. With magpies and bare almond orchards to my left and the high Sacramento River to my right, I gradually made my way toward Peabody Ranch and savored the view. When I arrived I met Suzanne Peabody Ashworth, the powerhouse behind Del Rio Botanicals. Read more »

Gold Rush Gal

by James W. Cameron

On first glance, Courtney Beaudreau, 26, is a typical, attractive Midtown resident. She’s blond, always smiling, and enthused about life in her hometown. But she has something that sets her apart. She’s a member of the Gold Rush, the San Francisco ‘49ers cheerleading squad, a role occupied by only thirty carefully selected ladies. Read more »

Musical Chairs, March 2011

As soon as we scheduled a Food Issue there was no question who was at the top of our list for the issue’s Musical Chair: Aaron Moreno. If Moreno doesn’t sound familiar, odds are you may know his alter ego: bluesman Aaron King. Read more »

Wine Picks, March 2011

Read more »

Kitchen Class

By Sarah Singleton

I was so nervous. Sitting there, in a crowded kitchen classroom, waiting to see if I could be admitted to the class from the waiting list. Why was I doing this again – at 40, surrounded by kids just out of high school, many of whom had been enticed by the Food Network or the rock-and-roll lifestyle of Anthony Bourdain? Read more »

A Grand Night For Singing

By James W. Cameron

The twenty years when Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein ruled the American musical stage have been resurrected at Sacramento’s own Cosmopolitan Cabaret.  The result is a playful two hour romp in delightful music Read more »

An Interview with Artist Jairus Tonel

By Tony King

It’s one of those slate grey nuclear winter-esque days in Sacramento, and Jairus Tonel has done the impossible: he’s managed to out-dapper the wait staff of The Shady Lady. Smartly kitted-out in a tie, dress shirt, designer jeans, a tan waistcoat and brown dress shoes, Tonel sips scotch through his ever-present smile. Read more »

The Big Tomato

By William Burg

During the first days of the Gold Rush, food was more likely to be shipped in from overseas than grown in California. Argonauts were more interested in mining than farming, and California was generally considered to be a vast desert. Sacramento was founded as a trade and transportation city on the way to the goldfields, not a farming town. As riches proved difficult to find by mining, some discouraged miners turned to farming (a profession some had abandoned in search of easy riches) and discovered the incredible fertility of the Central Valley Read more »