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Here at Midmo HQ, we have been working hard to catalog all giant’s debris left around Sacramento. They seem content to leave their belongings everywhere! Please note the following examples.

forks half smoked cigars

empty cans

Coke cups

coffee cups

paintbrushes and palettes. 

We are very concerned with this phenomenon and are currently following up on all reports of giant trash. Please comment with any information you have below. We thank you for your time.


Sacramento Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with a showcase of this year’s up and coming local talent.

Six designers had the chance to strut their stuff on the runway for the elites of the Sacramento fashion world. Two lines which really stood out where by Brenda Vie and Faatui Toele. While all the collections had strong pieces, these two really showed a cohesive message.

Toele’s line was all black and white, a bold move for such a novice designer. Cocktail dresses and men’s jeans were anchors for Toele’s line. The collection finale was a gorgeous ruffled evening dress. Toele said he was pleased with the response to his collection and he really put his whole heart into his pieces.

Vie’s line was playful, fun and yet professional. She called her collection, “Pink Tuxedo,” drawing from classic tuxedo wear and incorporating ruffles, bows and everything feminine. Her line felt so cohesive and while over the top, some of the pieces were very wearable. The models glided down the runway dolled up like Harajuku girls; the hair and make-up really completed the designers bubblegum-sweet aesthetic.

The other Emerging Designers included:

  • Kira Martinson – Women’s street fashion, featuring interesting hoodies and jackets.
  • Maisha Bahati – Eco-sheet jersey-knits.
  • Nkaujer Jules Thor – Pop-music inspired collection, heavy diva influence.
  • Noognuv Thao – Avant garde plays on proportion, short skirts and rompers with big collars.

Tonight local established designers will display their fall lines in the Finale Designer Showcase.