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A Conversation with Fred and Victoria Dalkey

. It would be hard to find a couple more engaged in the Sacramento art scene than Fred and Victoria Dalkey.  Fred Dalkey is a well-known local artist who also taught at Sacramento City College for decades.  He’s been making art in Sacramento for over 50 years and has shown everywhere from the Belmonte Gallery to the Crocker.  Victoria Dalkey is the longtime art critic for the Sacramento Bee, and in her 30+ years of reporting has covered nearly every important artist in the area.  Her column is the most widely read – and most widely respected – art writing in the region.  Together they have perhaps the most comprehensive body of firsthand knowledge of Sacramento art history that exists anywhere.  At this Living Library event they will speak about the development of Sacramento art over the past half-century, touching on great artists like Wayne Thiebaud, important gallerists like Sal Yniguez and Michael Himovitz, the role of UC Davis and other schools, and the influence of movements like Pop and Funk. After the discussion they will take questions from the audience, so come prepared!  This will be a very special night with two treasures of Sacramento’s art scene – Don’t miss.

Sacramento Living Library
Sunday, February 20, 7PM

1114 21St Street, All Ages, Free

thanks to Russ Solomon for the photos!

Sac Vernac

I have been trying to blog at least every other Monday. What I am interested in may not float everyone’s boat, but I want to focus on Sacramento’s vernacular landscape. Or in other words, the boring shit that people don’t really pay attention to. Your bus benches, your signposts, what have you.  Hands down, the best class I took in college, was taught by Paul Groth, whose main interest was ordinary architecture.  I wrote a 25 page paper on curbs for that class. No joke. Curbs. 25 pages. Unfortunately it was pretty crappy and got and deserved a C. I would love a do-over on that. Since that class I have kept my eyes open and paid attention to the mundane. So that will be the boring-to-some Mondays.  There will be some exciting stuff too. For people who like exciting.

Here is a rad old barn that is in the alley between P & Q and 17th & 18th.

If you happen to be interested in ordinary cultural landscapes as well, you may also want to read some articles by Professor Groth’s mentor J.B. Jackson.