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Sacramento Brew in Review

By Ed Carroll

When Sacramento Valley’s early inhabitants found their way to John Sutter’s outpost, brewing was hardly a new concept. As in Europe, the American colonies boasted breweries aplenty and the fine art of home brewing was just another household ritual alongside washing the linens, cooking and tending the garden.  Understandably, as dreams of gold and agrarian utopias lured the masses westward, beer naturally came along for the ride. Read more »

Peter Hoey

By Sarah Singleton  Photos by Scott Duncan

Peter Hoey’s first beer was a Miller Genuine Draft, and he wasn’t impressed Read more »

Have Brew, Will Travel

By Becky Grunewald   Photos by Scott Duncan

Unlike wine, which is almost always better when paired with a complementary dish, beer can stand alone.  Ask any wine professional what they drink when it’s time to loosen the tie and kick off the heels, and they’ll answer time and again that they reach for a brew. Read more »

Musical Chairs, February 2011

Ed Carroll is  best-known among beer and history buffs for Sacramento Breweries, his history of beer in the region;  the rest of us know him best as one of Sac’s tastiest drummers Read more »

Sacramento, City of a Beer

By Dennis Yudt

When the Sacramento: City of a Beer 7” EP came out in the late spring of 1998, it was intended to be a document of the Midtown punk scene that had centered around The Loft, the now legendary/infamous performance space that inhabited a 15’ x 30’ room behind Time Tested Books on 21st Street. The six bands featured – The Bananas, Nar, The Lazy J’s, Karate Party, The Transplants and Los Huevos – exemplified the “Sacto Punx” sound: irreverent and smart-alecky lo-fi songs that had a broken heart of pop Read more »

Robert’s Homebrew Academy

By Guphy Gustafson  Photo by Scott Duncan

Robert’s Homebrew Academy is exactly what it sounds like: a guy named Robert teaches people how to brew beer (and make cheese!) for a stipend Read more »