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Because who doesn’t love Paul McCarthy right?

Yesterday saw some ecstatic rejoicing on my blog over the announcement that KVIE just added Art in the 21st Century to their Friday night programming! This week’s episode features Yinka Shonibare, Cindy Sherman, and Paul McCarthy. Set your Tivo (is that still the rage?) for art viewing excitement.

Guess I may have to score a functional T.V. for the first time in 10 years….. SO WORTH IT!

Looking for something to do on Friday night?

Here’s a good idea. You could support a great cause, get some drinks and food, listen to music, and probably win some cool prizes. More details here.

February Movie Night

Our January MidMoMoNi was almost too successful. By that I mean, it had at least double the attendance of the last one, which we weren’t expecting. I think we (particularly Liv) handled it with aplomb, and everybody did get seats, but wow, what a crowd. There were 60-70 people! We had to go out for a beer run mid-show, there was not nearly enough popcorn (I ran out of butter after two batches), the mulled wine sold out almost instantly, and we didn’t have any water or non-alcoholic beverages available. We are still working things out, and next time we will do much better and (I promise) will have some water for your poor parched throats.

What went well was: the attendance, the energy, Doug’s talk and slide show, the conviviality, and the movies were wonderful and now I love Christo and Jean Claude. They were so inspiring, I know for a fact that I wasn’t the only one who got choked up when the artworks were unfurled.

Next month we are showing The Magic Christian (1969), which will kinda bring us back to our trippy concept with which we started MidMoMoNi. It stars Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, and was written by Terry Southern, who also wrote the screenplay for Barbarella, The Loved One, Easy Rider, and Dr. Strangelove. Also: music by Badfinger!

And I promise we will have our shit more together next time!

MidMoMoNi: Thursday, February 17th
Verge Gallery (625 S st.)
three dollars suggested donation