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The First MidMo Peek!

.Welcome to the inaugural edition of MidMo Peek – a brand new feature where we visit the spaces of interesting local folks.  Today we stop by the Land Park home of Jay Baker and Natalie Head, an archeologist and a librarian, and proud parents of three fluffy bunnies….

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MidMo Movie night this Thursday

Our MidMoMoNi for the month of January is on the second Thursday this month, the 13th. Starts at 7:30 at The Verge gallery. We’ll be showing short films on Christo and Jean-Claude, the artists famous for their large, nay huge-scale artworks. In between the films, we’ll have a short presentation by local photographer Doug Biggert, who participated in their artwork “Valley Curtain” in 1971. That’s one of his snaps above. Isn’t it gorgeous? We’ll have popcorn and some brews for sale, maybe some mulled wine. We have space heaters so it’s pretty warm but wear a sweater. Socks encouraged.

Verge 625 S st.
suggested donation:three bucks