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Sea of Bees Makes NPR’s Top 10 for 2010!

We’ve been watching Sac’s Sea of Bees since photographer Jesse Vasquez sent in a snapshot of her a couple of years ago with a note that she was gonna do great things.  The buzz got even louder when she hooked up with Tape Op/Enharmonik maestro John Baccigauppi to produce her first record, Songs for the Ravens – which just got tipped by NPR’s Robin Hilton as one  of the 10 best albums of 2010!

We knew her when!

Art Picks, December 2010

Different Parts of Remembering
Robert Ortbal
Through December 23

Sac State sculpture professor Robert Ortbal is based in Emeryville, so I’m not sure if the ‘sense of place’ referenced in the statement for the show is a Bay Area sense or a Sacto sense, but whatever Read more »

MidMo Movie Night at Verge

Click for larger version. Hope to see you there!