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Capital Stage does it again!

I give a big thumbs up to Cap Stage’s production of Mauritius, by Theresa Rebeck. It runs at their theater on the Delta King, Wed-Sunday, until November 7th.

There are some top-notch performances in this one, notably from two B Street players, Kurt Johnson (so natural), and John Lamb (so schlubby, I think he may have even shaved a bald spot in!), and from the female lead Kristine David. It’s a pretty Mamet-y play, and the only performance that didn’t really work for me was the most Mamet of all, that of Jonathan Rhys Williams. He completely physically transformed himself for this tough guy role (I usually enjoy his performances, especially his sexy turn in Sam Shephard’s Fool for Love), but I think he plays it kind of schticky, which is distracting. It’s a tough role, and he goes balls out, but ultimately overplays it.

The first half is very strong, and overall, the play is extremely enjoyable and thought-provoking.

Bows and Arrows HALF OFF Sale – Saturday Oct 30

Bows and Arrows, everyone’s fave Midtown vintage boutique, is having a GIANT sale on Saturday, October 30: HALF OFF! Hard to beat that, especially when Halloween is the next day….

Bows and Arrows
1712 L Street