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By James W. Cameron  Photos by Jay Spooner

Begun twenty years ago as a simple celebration of chalk art, Midtown’s Chalk it Up Festival has grown to become one of the signature events of the Sacramento summer.  Read more »

Sounds of Chalk it Up

Music coordinator Jerry Perry brings many of Sacramento’s best acts to the Festival each year, and for the 20th Anniversary he’s pulled out all the stops.  Live music runs from 10AM to 6PM each day of the Festival.  Here’s the lineup for this year:

SAT SEPT 4, starting at 10AM: Waldorf Taiko Drummers, Stout Rebellion, Life in 24 Frames, Ricky Berger, Walking Spanish, Exquisite Corps, Sea Of Bees, Maren Parusel (San Diego), The Kelps, Pets

SUN SEPT 5 starting at 10AM: Exhale, The Shruggs, The Four Eyes, The Foxtails, Autumn Sky, Simpl3jack, Dog Party, Majesty, Silent Comedy (San Diego), Prieta

MON SEPT 6, starting at 10AM: The Trees, The Hungry, Bright Faces, The Generals, Goodness Gracious Me, Smooot Valley High, [Awards presentation], Signal The Red, Verbalistic, One Eyed Rhyno, I Scream On Sundae