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Art Picks, July 2010

Flatlanders III
Nelson Gallery
July 8 – August 15
Reception: July 8, 5:30-7:30PM

Nelson Gallery Director Renny Pritikin’s biennial Flatlanders show is always something to see, and this year’s edition features an intriguing mix of newer talent and artists with long history in the region. Read more »

Troy Dalton

Just as we approached deadline for this issue we got word that one of the region’s best known painters, Troy Dalton, had died.  Dalton had a profound impact on the regional art scene and his work – and personality – will be greatly missed.  We asked his friend Terry Hollowell for a few words.  She provided the photos as well. Read more »

Bone Appetite

By Becky Grunewald            photos by Scott Duncan

It started with the bone marrow: a dramatic dish that snapped me to attention.  Two caveman-sized beef shanks split in half, resting on a bed of rock salt, topped with rough-chopped parsley and capers, piled with toast points for slathering. Read more »

The Sacramento Treat

by Josh Chaffin

I’ve had a few honors bestowed upon me at various times in my life: a blue ribbon in the science fair in 6th grade at Tahoe School, the Associated Press Radio and Television News Directors year 2000 award for Best Documentary/Special Program (co-producer), hearing myself on All Things Considered for the first time.  But to be honest, gaining the recognition of my peers as the inventor of The Sacramento Treat kinda tops them all. Read more »

There Will Be Blood… and Heckling

By Tony King
The venerable splatter-fest known as the Trash Film Orgy has been sating Sacramento’s cinematic bloodlust for a decade now, providing weird and warped midnight entertainment for its ravenous inmates… er, audience. Read more »

The Horribles

By William Burg

In the era following the Civil War, Sacramento and other cities celebrated July 4th with considerable reverence. After the long struggle, patriotism helped heal a wounded nation. In Sacramento, the Independence Day parade brought every local organization of note together, ending with a series of patriotic speeches, poems and reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Grand Pavilion. In the shadow of this solemnity, a band of ill-tempered and intemperate Sacramentans held their own parade, meant to poke the pompous and temper the seriousness of the occasion with acts of public lunacy. They were called the Horribles. Read more »

Daytrip: Marin Headlands

story and photos by Niki Kangas

Across the banks of the red bluffs, a gentle but unyielding breeze coaxes tall marshy grasses into a tidy comb-over; rainbows of shaking wildflowers bow reverently to the sea. A net of haze blurs the ocean and sky into a blue beyond compare, and there are sighs all around in the company I keep. Amen, we are out of town! Read more »