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Midtown Moderne

By William Burg

In the two decades after World War II, most of Sacramento’s growth was directed outward into the new suburbs, and much of downtown was demolished by urban renewal and highway construction. Midtown’s bungalows and foursquares were mostly left intact, but considered obsolete housing as the middle class fled the central city. New construction followed the Modernist fashions of the day Read more »

Banter Media and Lefse Records

By Troy Mighty   photo by Scott Duncan

Sacramento is a land of opportunity. It’s a place where anyone with the will to get  something done can generally succeed. Read more »

Musical Chairs

David K. Aslanian, better known as ‘DP,’ has spent 26 of his 34 years in lovely Sacramento.  A stalwart of Midtown’s music scene, DP shreds on his Les Paul in Rock The Light and does his best Jerry Garcia in The Ancient Sons.  If you have spent any time at all checking out Sac’s music scene you’ve more than likely rubbed shoulders (really, he cuts all his shirt sleeves off) with DP Read more »

Alliance Francaise

by Michele Hébert photos by Scott Duncan

As an enthusiastic Francophile, I’ve always been intrigued by the Alliance Francaise — is it a school? Some sort of diplomatic organization? It turns out to be a little bit of both. Read more »

Art Picks, June 2010

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Daytrip: Munnerlyn’s and More

Story and photos by Dean Seavers

In Sacramento at least, ice cream parlor patronage is almost like a religious affiliation. Whether you are a Burrist, a Guntherite or a Vicsian, odds are that you are one of the “true believers” of the ice cream world. Being an avowed Guntherite, I must cop to the somewhat condescending attitude of harboring either pity or suspicion toward anyone who will gladly consume chain store ice cream. You must either be living in confectionary ignorance or you’re the ice cream version of those “spiritual, but not religious” types. I’ll light a candle for you. Read more »

Sacramento’s Sea Scouts

By Jackson Griffith  photos by Scott Duncan

We are surrounded by water. While it’s easy to forget that fact during those intense sun-roasted Sacramento summers, the heart of California is a maritime environment, with a multitude of Cascade and Sierra-fed rivers and creeks flowing into one big river, which expands into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta not too far south of our fair city before flowing into the Suisun, San Pablo and San Francisco Bays, and then into the Pacific.

When you’re a reasonably restless lad with a penchant for geography, you become acutely aware of place as it relates to the potentialities of adventure Read more »

Eats on the Street

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