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Russ Solomon’s R5 Records to close

The rumors we’ve been chasing for a week have been confirmed: Russ Solomon will close R5 Records, likely by the end of the month.

R5, which Solomon opened at 16th and Broadway immediately following the demise of his Tower Records chain, had been foundering in the double-whammy of recession and a dwindling market for music product. Lately R5 had shifted focus toward vinyl, the only musical format that is seeing growth. I suspect that the departure of Dal Basi, longtime buyer for both Tower and R5, who is leaving R5 to start a boutique vinyl shop in Midtown may have hastened Solomon’s decision.

Unconfirmed rumors point to the Dimple Records chain as a buyer for the store.

Four Sacto Mayors at Living Library: Sunday, 7PM

Just a reminder not to miss this Sunday’s edition of the Sacramento Living Library at Time Tested Books!  Former mayors, Phil Isenberg, Burnett Miller, Anne Rudin and Heather Fargo will convene at 7PM Sunday, May 16 to speak about the challenges of governing Sacramento, including their thoughts on the ‘Strong Mayor’ idea.  Space will be limited for this program – as if there wasn’t enough interest already, the Bee promoted this one – so show up early.  And, if you happen to have read the Bee article, Midtown Monthly is, obviously, more than an ‘online magazine.’ Oops.

Sacramento Living Library
Sunday, May 16, 7PM
Time Tested Books, 1114 21st Street
Open to all, Free