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Accidents Suck, Especially in 1959 Chevys

’59 Chevys didn’t, as a rule, come with seat belts- they weren’t standard equipment on passenger cars until 1966 when they were mandated over the howls of the auto industry. Though solidly built, a 1959 Chevy is still no match for the solidity of the original carbon fiber, the tree. Nor is the driver.

Sadly, Asia Tuchsen, who works over at the So-Cal Speed Shop on Del Paso, across the street from Lil Joes, discovered the truth in all of the above last Friday when her ’59 Biscayne was sideswiped, sending her into a tree at full speed. She suffered facial fractures, severe lacerations, bruised ribs and more. Tuchsen is reported to be in good spirits, but without health insurance she is looking at large medical bills.

Tuchsen, as one might expect from her vocation, is a gearhead. She built and worked on the Biscayne herself, and had recently returned from the Viva Las Vegas show in Nevada. The top photo is from Billetproof, the trend-setting bay area car show that helped spark the international revival of ‘traditional’ hot rods and kustoms- i.e. cars built in pretty much the same style as Sacramento legends Dick Bertolucci and Harry Westergard would have done them a half century ago. Sacramento has always been a car culture town, and it is no surprise that the hot rod and kustom community has jumped to Tuchsen’s aid.

Sacramento Swing Time and So-Cal have organized a benefit to help with Tuchsen’s expenses. We don’t have a lot of details yet, but the event will take place from 1 – 9PM, Sunday April 25th at the California Auto Museum. The event will feature live bands, DJs, BBQ and a burlesque show. For more information call: 916-709-7360. Donations may also be made to:

So-Cal Speed Shop Sacramento
1715 Del Paso Blvd.
Sacramento, CA. 95815
memo: Asia Tuchsen