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Legendary rapper/performance artist/kooknik BLOW FLY will be appearing tonight at the Press Club.  Also on tap: MOM, Crazy Ballhead and DJ Larry.

Never heard of Blow Fly?  here’s the closest thing we could find to a safe-for-work video and it’s STILL nsfw…

NEW SITE: Beta Test!

So we’ve been working on getting our new site loaded and up for MONTHS now.  Many readers have written to ask why the site and blog seem to have gone dead- just an unfortunate part of the process of focusing on the new site.

So what’s new?

Well, for starters, comments.  You can now leave a comment on articles and on blog posts!   This was one of the big drawbacks of the old site- especially when people wrote in that they wanted to add their memories/experiences to the articles posted on the site. Now you can.

Another big improvement: the search function!  Now you can search the site for that old article you can’t find any more.

There is plenty of work left to to- we’re still uploading content (including the March 2010 issue) and we’re working the bugs out of the system.  And please leave a comment here on the blog if you come across links that don’t work or other weirdness… we’re hoping to have everything dialed in a couple of weeks!