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Hina’s Tea is Closing: Lease Troubles

Just saw this sad posting from the fine folks at Hina’s Tea (between 23rd/24th on K):

“We are being evicted! After successfully fighting our landlord’s…  effort to evict us for over 8 months we are being ordered out of the premises while our ongoing lawsuit continues. In light of this news, we believe we have a limited amount of time to sell off all inventory before we are forced out of business.”

We can’t comment on details of their lease problems, but Hina’s has been a welcome addition to Midtown,  providing fine tea- and a beautiful public space- for the past few tears.    Stop in soon for one last cup.

Vice Magazine DON’T:Sacto Pride

Thanks to expatriate (or is he just roving?) Sacramentan Josh Chaffin for pointing out that Out Hud (and former !!!) mixmaster Justin Van Der Volgen  made it into Vice Magazine’s notorious Do’s and Don’t’s column. 

As always, Sacto rates a don’t.


Good news- we’ve already got your weekend planned for ya…

You start off tonight with Record Club’s Slumberland Records 20th Anniversary Party at the Blue Lamp.  DJ Roger Carpio somehow convinced Slumberland head honcho Mike Slumberland to bing 4 of his indie pop acts to Sacto on their way to their huge bash in SF tomorrow. Also on tap are MidMo faves The English Singles.

Since you stayed up all night dancing on Friday we give you Saturday to recover.  Then, you get up Sunday morning, put on your favorite woolens and plus fours and pedal on over to the Bicycle Kitchen for the Sacramento Tweed Ride.  Here’s Tony King’s article on same from this month’s MidMo so you’re up to speed (although that’s probably the wrong phrase given that the Tweed Ride is the epitomy of the Slow Bicycle movement!)  Starts at the Bike Kitchen, 10:30Am and it’s free!

After you’ve had a fine day of pedal pushing, head on over to the Guild Theatre for Movies on a Big Screen’s showing of Fritz Lang’s classic, Metropolis.  This one starts at 7PM sharp and costs $5.

Who says there’s nothing to do in Sacramento?…

New Poll: 24% of Republicans Believe Obama may be the Anti-Christ – WTF?

Fascinating but disturbing numbers in a new Harris Poll out this morning:

67% of Republicans believe Obama is a socialist.   57% believe he is a Socialist.  41% believe he is anti-American.

Maybe more stunning: 15% of Democrats believe he is a Muslim. 14% of Dems believe he is a Socialist.

Maybe we ARE living in end times…

Not safe for Midmo!

Blowfly… what can I say? I can’t say I quite got what I was expecting although in fairness with any touring act who’s been at it fifty some odd years like Fly has, almost anything is possible good or bad. Sometimes instances like this deliver an amazing show leaving you to tell friends and acquaintances that dude’s still got it or at the worst you leave going well, the guy is 71 let’s cut him some slack.

Check out that crazy fingernail!

With the exception of the missing costume I can’t say Blowfly himself let us down. He was vulgar – which quite frankly is what I was there for – and had one unnervingly long fingernail which became more and more difficult to look at as the night drew on as a result of his vivid descriptions of what he likes to do with his fingers. Use your imagination.

Blowfly reciting the ABCs of pussy….

The phrase unicorn pussy was coined which was a high point, as were numerous other quotable quotes which I’m choosing to deem NSFM or not-safe-for-Midmo. I think the primary detractor from BF’s set involved the cheesoid backing band and warm up dude that he travels with these days.

When we rolled up to the club last night I was confronted by a shlubby white guy in an oversized Wu Tang Clan sweatshirt  and saggy oversized jeans who was introduced to me as Uncle Tom, BF’s drummer and ringleader. Not but  a moment after meeting this fellow he began railing about how short sighted Jerry Perry was to have not booked Blowfly years ago at Old I and that I should leave last night’s show and tell Jerry that very thing directly. He also encouraged me to take a photo facing out from the stage so as to rub it in. So there ya go, ya missed out Jerry! yea.

Later in the night said dude was transformed in a manner a la Clark Kent, after donning a patriotically themed, sequined nudie suit of sorts in order to facilitate Blowfly’s set.

Here’s the warm-up dude I spoke of, he likes to rap about making love to people who also like to make love.

Mom was a highlight as always. I am a fan.



Some real live Jugalettes showed up too which was kind of a treat. I can’t say I’ve ever been at a show that had Juggalettes in attendance. Woot!

Finally on the way to the truck after the show Mark Miller and I discover this bonny trash pile behind the Tea Cup Cafe which he named Guernica. I love it!

Furloughs over for 53,000 state employees?

Judge orders furloughs halted immediately, holds off on decision regarding back pay. Just posted at the Bee:


Legendary rapper/performance artist/kooknik BLOW FLY will be appearing tonight at the Press Club.  Also on tap: MOM, Crazy Ballhead and DJ Larry.

Never heard of Blow Fly?  here’s the closest thing we could find to a safe-for-work video and it’s STILL nsfw…

NEW SITE: Beta Test!

So we’ve been working on getting our new site loaded and up for MONTHS now.  Many readers have written to ask why the site and blog seem to have gone dead- just an unfortunate part of the process of focusing on the new site.

So what’s new?

Well, for starters, comments.  You can now leave a comment on articles and on blog posts!   This was one of the big drawbacks of the old site- especially when people wrote in that they wanted to add their memories/experiences to the articles posted on the site. Now you can.

Another big improvement: the search function!  Now you can search the site for that old article you can’t find any more.

There is plenty of work left to to- we’re still uploading content (including the March 2010 issue) and we’re working the bugs out of the system.  And please leave a comment here on the blog if you come across links that don’t work or other weirdness… we’re hoping to have everything dialed in a couple of weeks!


Pip Pip, Tallyho!

By Tony King

San Francisco has one. So does Philadelphia. The same with Portland, Baltimore and sunny San Diego. Thanks to the efforts of Rick and Erin Houston, Sacramento finally has its own tweed-themed cycling event. Yet despite the emphasis on riding in dashing attire, Sacramento’s Tweed Ride has less to do with fashion than it does with encouraging camaraderie within Sacramento’s bicycling community. Read more »