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Soak it Up!

Story and photos by Dani Kando-Kaiser

When the not-so-insignificant chill of Sacramento winter hits, a lot of folks head for a long weekend to some golden Orange County beach or the year-round warmth of Joshua Tree. Nice idea, but all that time in the car, still freezing my tuckus off….. no thanks! Winter bliss for me is soaking in a hot pool of water with steam rising around me and hopefully a bit of rain sprinkling down.  Luckily, Northern California is littered with a ton of terrific hot springs and winter is the best time to visit them. Read more »

Sierra Hot Springs

by Becky Grunewald

Sierra Hot Springs is located north of Truckee, about 2 and half hours northeast of Sacramento.  It’s a short jaunt from the teeny town of Sierraville, down a dirt road.  As I approached the large, handsome frame house that serves as both check-in station and inn, I caught an immediate blissed-out hippy vibe Read more »

Urban Farmstand

By Niki Kangas

The Urban Farmstand Project began In 2006 in response to a meaningful shift in one Sacramento neighborhood’s commercial landscape: the Albertson’s  at 22nd and F closed and gave way to a Rite Aid. Suddenly, there was nowhere within walking distance of Alkali Flat to obtain fresh produce.  Read more »