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Speak To Me!

By Tony King   photos by Jesse Vasquez

Take a cursory view of Sacramento, and this town would appear to be nothing more than just another State capital, home to politicians, lobbyists and a bunch of column-lined marble buildings with nearly nude statues affixed to them. Under the surface, however, Sacramento is teeming with scholars and intellectuals; artists, writers, musicians, architects, poets, culinary geniuses, and people who have lead rich and interesting lives. The Sacramento Living Library, a brand new lecture series hosted by Time Tested Books shines a spotlight on some of the River City’s most extraordinary individuals.

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By Jackson Griffith  Photos by Jesse Vasquez

Like some exotic hothouse flower transplanted to Sacramento, a city that likes to venerate the far more mundane camellia, the Argentine dance called tango has taken hold, and seems to be flourishing here. Read more »

My Dinners With Ele

By Becky Grunewald

Rick Ele or “DJ Rick”, as he’s known far and wide, is Sacramento’s cultural ambassador to the world of underground music (see this month’s Musical Chairs,).  When he’s not broadcasting his internationally influential KDVS radio show Art For Spastics he’s setting up killer shows and hosting the bands at his place.  He’s also a dedicated gourmand and he shares his finds with visiting musicians. Read more »

Musical Chairs

Rick Ele, better known as DJ Rick, is a one-man tsunami of indie music enthusiasm.  By turns KDVS DJ, booker, tour driver, cheerleader, roadie, promoter, merch guy, reviewer and band-entertainment-specialist, Ele wears so many hats in the Sacto music scene that had he accepted the recently-offered gig to run a club in France it would have taken 6 people to even begin to replace him here.  The truth is, he’s irreplaceable.  Ele is the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, over and over again and then getting up each morning to go to his day job.    Here’s his thoughts on music, 2009.. Read more »

Tales of Terror

By Guphy Gustafson  photos by Kaysh Shinn

One of the most influential bands Sacramento ever produced, punk legends Tales of Terror ruled Sacramento’s underground music scene a quarter century ago. Derailed by tragedy twenty-four years ago this month, the question remains: Why is one of the most important Sacramento bands of all time all but forgotten in their own home town? Read more »

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly…

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Art Picks, January

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January Wine Picks, SAKE

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