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By Tony King photos by Scott Duncan

This year, the venerable downtown drinking establishment known as Old Ironsides (or just ‘Old I’) celebrates its 75th Anniversary. Since 1934, this family-owned and operated institution has provided its loyal customers with a hangout, a home away from home and warm, home-cooked meals. For three quarters of a century, this corner bar has proven itself to be as unsinkable as the legendary warship that inspired its name. Read more »


By Sarah Singleton  Photos by Jesse Vasquez

Pizza joints may be the new sushi restaurants, at least here in Midtown Sacramento.  I doubt that sushi is going anywhere, but it seems that wood-fired ovens are multiplying rapidly, and really, who am I to complain?  Pizza is no longer only for college students, stoners ordering delivery and people looking for a quick-fix for a weeknight dinner.  Pizza has recently been elevated to gourmet status, and it deserves its due respect. Read more »

The Dutchess and The Duke

Interview by Tim Foster   photo by Andrew Waits

Seattle’s Dutchess and the Duke will be coming through Sacramento on tour November 7th.  She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke, their debut long-player on Hardly Art, has garnered raves nationwide, with words like ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’ turning up so often you might think you’re reading reviews for a Beatles reissue.  Fair enough- if She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke isn’t quite as good as a Beatles LP, that’s about the worst you can say about it. Read more »