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Desolation Wilderness

hikingThis writer has made no secret of her affinity with anything green and growing, or of her frequent ache for somewhere spacious to sit solitary (critters welcome) beneath our blanket skies. Somehow I managed to wind up settled in the same Sacramentan rat race as you, and certainly its glimmering lights, though representing the proximity of our favorite distractions, start to wear your eyes out sometimes too. So this summer, if the call of the wild beckons and you only have a day to split town, there is just the spot to escape to, lovely as Yosemite yet much closer, and lacking the perpetual busloads of visitors that crawl like ants along its every beaten trail. Read more »

A Last Look at the Bel-Vue?


By Bill Burg

The Bel-Vue Apartment Building, located at 809 L Street, is an understated and long-neglected landmark that faces demolition in the near future. Some of Sacramento’s architectural landmarks are obvious, based on their prominent role in history, association with well-known individuals, or architectural grandeur and scale. Sometimes, buildings become landmarks because of their association with ordinary people, and simply avoided demolition long enough to be recognized as historic. The Bel-Vue, originally known as the American Cash Apartments, is a building of the latter sort. Despite its landmark status, it faces demolition by its owner, the city of Sacramento. Read more »