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Musical Chairs

When we decided to make July the ‘Music Issue’ there was one person at the top of our wish list to sit in the Musical Chair this month- Jackson Griffith.  Jackson has been covering music in Sacramento for over two decades, cutting his teeth on the much beloved  Pulse! Magazine, Read more »

Sound Man

For 10 years now, Jim McClain has been recording live performances by most (if not all) of Sacramento’s legendary underground rock bands. His dedication to recording bands such as Magnolia Thunderfinger, Sex 66 and Mother Hips (to name but a few) has made Jim something of a local legend in his own right. Read more »

Magic Moments

For this article, I told my editor that I would need about one billion words. Weirdly, he didn’t think “Sacramento Music Scene: an Exhaustive Analysis” by Guphy would recoup its printing costs. Blame him when you feel left out, which you will. Read more »


burgerI could go on at length-and I have- about all the things that Sacramento lacks, but you know one thing Sacramento has more than enough of?  Besides bros with tats on cruisers?  Places to get a burger.  Some of these garner quite a bit of local attention.  Texmex-sushi impresario Guy Fieri has clothed Squeeze Inn in a cheese skirt of fame.  Burgers and Brew is the darling of the glossies from the people who brought you Crepeville.  Jim Denny’s is top-rated on Yelp.  But what about the low-profile neighborhood spots toiling away in obscurity?  Cookies Drive-In and Village-Drive In are two of the best. Read more »