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As Promised

Here are the links and videos mentioned in my July article. I wish there was more. I have no Forever Goldrush to share and many of these are not the best quality, but worth a watch, nevertheless. Enjoy!

Dutch Falconi’s Twisted Orchestra’s Bunny Brie and Kitty Fontaine ripping the Crest a new one in November, 1993. The video isn’t the best, but Kitty’s (Kizzy Miller) voice really shines through!

Daisy Spot performing “Crave” at The Guild in 1994. Blast from the past!

The Bananas rocking their song “Nautical Theme”. Did I call it Nautical Music in my article? Twice? Well, I meant “Nautical Theme” and I think it’s already been established that I can’t be bothered to do research. The sound on this is so quiet, but if you watch for the Japanese audience you can clearly see the mesmerizing power of this song. Also, the video ends before the song does. ARGHH!! KERRANG!! That is going to drive me crazy forever!!! Just go see ’em live!

Here’s a Lyme Regis song. FOR FREE!

Speaking of Seavers and pop genuis – Check it! This is a great video and The Decibels were a great, great band. Hats Off!
The Decibels – First Time,t=1,mt=video

I can’t find any Troublemakers video, but here is some Deadly Bees footage from 2001. A mystery?

And because I just can’t leave ’em out, here is the first episode of the Four Eyes Teevee show.