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Counterfeit Twenties in Midtown

This ‘heads up’ just in from the folks at MidtownGrid:

“If you haven’t already been notified, please be aware that there are $20 counterfeit bills circulating in the area.  The latest incident that we are aware of occurred yesterday.”

Watch out!

Magpie Cafe

My first exposure to Magpie Caterer’s food was at a friend’s wedding.  The little nibbles that were being sent around were pretty, sophisticated, and delicious.  When I heard a month or so later Read more »

A Sacramento Zine History

by William Burg

Before the days of the World Wide Web, social networking sites and weblogs, zines created an underground network of communication, using the post office and in-person distribution to disseminate news and ideas between subcultures. Zine creators were driven by a desire to create their own media and share ideas with others without access to traditional media outlets. Typically zines are photocopied, often clandestinely on an office photocopier or at a local copy shop, but some were professionally printed on newsprint or glossy paper. Most zines didn’t make money, or lost it prodigiously, but profit is seldom the motive for zine making. Read more »

Doug Biggert, MidMo nailed by Vice squad!


Doug Biggert got a big ole write up in the brand new issue of Vice magazine and they quoted our March ’08 article on Biggie. Can you say ‘world class city’?

The article, by noted curator Bob Nickas, examines Biggert’s Hitch Hiker work (or ‘pictures’ as Biggert insists), most of which is currently on display in Biggert’s show at the Verge Gallery and Studio Project. Nickas stumbled across Biggert’s Hitch-Hikers book in Europe and tracked the Midtown photographer down through his Parisian publisher. The article is part of Vice‘s annual Photo Issue, a behemoth issue of Vice that’s a strictly Limited Edition Collector’s Item Classic.
Good luck finding a copy if you don’t already have a subscription. Notoriously difficult to find, Vice is distributed (for free) only at cooler-than-thou boutiques, galleries, etc (Artifacts is the only place we know of that has it in town) and the Photo Issue is usually gone about ten seconds after the box is opened. And, ten minutes later you’ll find it for sale on Ebay for way more than you wanted to pay.

Congrats DB!

Buzz Aldrin, We Salute You!

Second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin KO’s a moon-landing-hoax kook who accuses him of faking the moon landing, calling Aldrin ‘… a coward, a liar and a thief…’

Aldrin was 72 years old at the time.

Musical Chairs

When we decided to make July the ‘Music Issue’ there was one person at the top of our wish list to sit in the Musical Chair this month- Jackson Griffith.  Jackson has been covering music in Sacramento for over two decades, cutting his teeth on the much beloved  Pulse! Magazine, Read more »

Sound Man

For 10 years now, Jim McClain has been recording live performances by most (if not all) of Sacramento’s legendary underground rock bands. His dedication to recording bands such as Magnolia Thunderfinger, Sex 66 and Mother Hips (to name but a few) has made Jim something of a local legend in his own right. Read more »

Magic Moments

For this article, I told my editor that I would need about one billion words. Weirdly, he didn’t think “Sacramento Music Scene: an Exhaustive Analysis” by Guphy would recoup its printing costs. Blame him when you feel left out, which you will. Read more »


burgerI could go on at length-and I have- about all the things that Sacramento lacks, but you know one thing Sacramento has more than enough of?  Besides bros with tats on cruisers?  Places to get a burger.  Some of these garner quite a bit of local attention.  Texmex-sushi impresario Guy Fieri has clothed Squeeze Inn in a cheese skirt of fame.  Burgers and Brew is the darling of the glossies from the people who brought you Crepeville.  Jim Denny’s is top-rated on Yelp.  But what about the low-profile neighborhood spots toiling away in obscurity?  Cookies Drive-In and Village-Drive In are two of the best. Read more »

HEAD from Seattle LIVE tonight at the Lava Lounge!

HEAD from Seattle, WA will be playing tonight at the Java Lounge. If you love pop punk with stupid lyrics, you will love these guys. Sounding very simular to the Ramones, (some even say they out-Ramone the Ramones) this will be a great show coming to Sac! The door is a little steep…$10? Oh well, it should be worth it. Chixdiggit & Kepi Ghoulie play at 7pm and Head goes on at 9pm.

You know this band is good when two of my best friends have named their cats after members in this band.

Heil Head!