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I like Wallpaper!

So they finally gave me the password for this blog and I am going make them regret it! Anything to avoid writing my article…..

Here’s a video of Circus Gomez (who I don’t remember, were they local?) playing at Old I in 1993 before the remodel. For those of you who weren’t around, the stage was on the right just past where the kitchen is now. I didn’t remember the kickin’ wallpaper until I found this vid. Also, remember how 90s sounding the music in the 90s was?

On Saturday, May 16th, Jim-Denny’s, Sacramento’s teeny tiny iconic burger joint, will be celebrating its 75th year with an all day party!
The event includes a limited $3 breakfast from 8am-10am, eating contests, limited $3.00 lunch menu, raffle, a beer garden and live music.

The band lineup includes Who and The What Now (they are just starting out, but I am totally impressed by the songs on their myspace), Ol’ Cotton Dreary and The Regulars (it’s no surprise that former Amazing Sweetheart and meat genius, Guido, would be involved in a burger related event.)

See ya there!

816 12th st (between H and I)

The Devil and Daniel Johnston

This Thursday, May 14 The Verge Gallery and Studio Project will be screening The Devil and Daniel Johnston for free at 7pm!

In case you’re not familiar with the film, The Devil and Daniel Johnston tells the story of singer, songwriter, musician and artist Daniel Johnston. The award-winning documentary follows Johnston through his promising youth, early fame and battles with mental illness. Johnston’s music has been performed by hundreds of artists including Tom Waits and Sonic Youth, and his art was selected for the 2006 Whitney Biennial and is the subject of a recent monograph from Rizzoli Publishing.

The Verge is delighted to host the film and its director, Jeff Feuerzeig, who will available to answer questions after the screening. Feuerzeig’s film took Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005 as well as Best Documentary at The San Francisco Independent Film Festival the same year.

For questions call The Verge at 916.448.2985