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Korean Food

One thing I like about Korean food it its eccentricity.  It seems to me that the standard practice of offering slightly different types of banchan (the little free snacks that precede the meal) every day encourages a certain looseness and creativity in the kitchen that I enjoy. Read more »

The Ghost of Daniel Johnston

by Tim Foster

Is Daniel Johnston the world’s greatest living artist?  The answer, according to Jeff Feuerzeig, director of The Devil and Daniel Johnston, an acclaimed documentary about the artist, is “yes.”  Read more »

I like Wallpaper!

So they finally gave me the password for this blog and I am going make them regret it! Anything to avoid writing my article…..

Here’s a video of Circus Gomez (who I don’t remember, were they local?) playing at Old I in 1993 before the remodel. For those of you who weren’t around, the stage was on the right just past where the kitchen is now. I didn’t remember the kickin’ wallpaper until I found this vid. Also, remember how 90s sounding the music in the 90s was?