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SML: Grow Your Own!

by Rachel Gregg

seedlingsIt is Earth Month and for we dwellers of the fertile central valley it is a prime planting time. It’s time to get your hands dirty and get down with the earth. Sewing your seeds now means salsa all summer long. It is all part of the beauty of living in SacOfTomatoes. Read more »

Sacramento’s First Skyscraper

by William Burg

926 OriginalSacramento in the 1920s was an optimistic place, a bustling transportation center served by five railroads (two transcontinental steam railroads and three electric interurbans) and several riverboat lines. The Southern Pacific shops employed thousands of workers building and repairing steam locomotives. Canneries and grain mills turned the Central Valley’s agricultural bounty into packaged products to ship around the world. The success of Sacramento’s first streetcar suburbs, recently annexed into the city, spurred a second wave of suburban development across the rivers in West Sacramento and North Sacramento. Downtown, a growing number of businesses and professionals sought offices close to streetcar lines and government offices. Read more »

Let’s Get Whimsical

It’s hard to miss Autumn Sky as she weaves her way through a crowded room of fans, friends and well-wishers. On this cold Saturday night at Luigi’s Fungarden, the 20 year-old folk-pop singer/songwriter’s vintage canary-yellow dress and sparkling silver high heels flitter like a lightning bug against the bundled-up dark browns and grays of the all-ages audience. Sky is sharing a bill with Ricky Berger and Be Brave Bold Robot in support of Sister Crayon’s CD release, and making last-minute arrangements before her set. Read more »

Musical Chairs

We asked local singer songwriter Autumn Sky to take a spin in the musical chair this month to coincide with the release of her debut album this month (and Tony King’s article about same).   She promptly obliged, sending over the following, which she titled “The Up-and-Comers, Or, All the Local Musicians I Would Stalk if I Wasn’t a Busy Musician Myself.” Read more »