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The Power of the Peep! Friday April 10

Peeps are disgusting.

I say this with some authority, having eaten 30 at one sitting, having watched someone else consume 72 in a half hour, and having seen many people vomit them up after trying to eat as many as they could hold.

All of this fun occurred at Archbishop Dave Smith’s annual Peep Off, held in Midtown the weekend after Easter. He’s been having Peep Offs for about 13 years (no one is really sure), and holds the world record for most consecutive Peep Offs. Sacramento used to hold the record for Most Peeps Consumed and Not Immediately Vomited Up in a Half Hour, but we may have lost that title…again, no one is really sure.
When Dave began running his Peep event lo those many years ago, I don’t believe that anyone involved would have believed that someone would have made a documentary about Peeps (and Peeping Off), but tonight we have Matthew Beals’ Power of the Peep at Movies on a Big Screen

in West Sac.   As if that weren’t enough to draw you, the Archbishop himself will be on hand for a Q&A.; (That’s him on top of the car.)
Fun starts at 7PM and then goes again at 9:30.  $5 to get in, and MOBS is located at 600 4th Street in West Sac.