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Enough Merle Haggard to choke a horse.

Monday was Merle Haggard’s birthday and to celebrate Jerry Perry organized a tribute show featuring 15 bands covering over 50 Haggard numbers. The Poplollys, Richard March, The Alkali Flats, The Bottom Dwellers, The Fortunate Few, Rowdy Kate, and Jackson Griffith were amongst the many local acts in attendance. Of those who played I would have to say that Jackson and the Bottom Dwellers were two performance which stuck with me when I woke up the next morning. Well that and the three beers I had served through Old I’s well-seasoned beer lines.

Those who follow the Flats know that they wear matching scorpion bolo ties on stage. Chris Harvey, one of the Flats two front men just got this sweet new clavical tattoo in solidarity with his bandmates. It doesn’t get more down than this folks.

Like a true birthday party there was birthday cake which some said tasted a little “merley.” I’m guessing that meant that Merle tastes like berry filling.

Either way the crowd made short work of the cake.

In the end a good time was had by all.

Happy Birthday Merle!