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This just in!!!!!!

It’s official everybody! CORTI BROTHERS IS HERE TO STAY!!!

That’s right, news came over the Midmo wire this afternoon that beloved purveyor of delicious food and drink, Darrell Corti, has renegotiated his lease and will be allowed to stay at his Folsom Boulevard location. Hazaa!

Image courtesy of the Gourmet Grocery List

In doing a google image search of Corti Brothers for this post I came across a blog called the Gourmet Grocery List which may be the new way I waste time at least for the rest of the evening. The GGL’s author stumbled upon Corti’s last year and like many of us was thrilled with what they found. The photos of Corti’s stock are pretty amusing as is this quote:

I was able to meet Mr. Corti and have to admit that his own quote is the perfect description of the store and it’s philosophy, “We don’t have everything that is good, but everything we have is good.” Oh, better than good, Mr. Corti, much, much better!

We at Midmo whole heartedly agree.

Congrats to Darrell and the entire Corti Brothers team!