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Round Table

by Rachel Gregg, photos by Jesse Vasquez

The days following the passage of Proposition 8, the state proposition that eliminated the right of same sex couples to marry, were a tumultuous time for Californians. Here in Sacramento we saw protests and vigils-we saw the emergence of new activists and organizations who are bent on righting the wrong of Prop 8. For me, as a lesbian writer with my eye on other political contests, I could have never guessed the impact the passage of 8 would have on my life and on the spirit of my community. Read more »

Slavery In Sacramento

By William Burg

Most people do not think of Sacramento when discussing the history of slavery, but during the Gold Rush, enslaved human beings worked for their owners here in California. In 1857, Sacramento became the site of a court battle between an escaped slave, Archy Lee, and his former owner. The resulting struggle became an early victory in American civil rights, and a rallying point for Sacramento’s early African American community. Read more »

Musical Chairs

MaxwellAllen Rockwell fronts two of the most disparate rock groups in town—critics’ darlings Knock Knock, whose folk pop gems showcase Rockwell’s sunnier side, and Rock the Light, a camaro-drivin’ mesh-t-shirt-wearing hesher’s dream.  Rockwell himself is something of a conundrum—a clean-living junior high teacher by day who also happens to need to rock the bejeezus out of any stage handy.   We got to talking about his passion for trashy (is there any other kind?) rock bios and he offered to run through some of his favorites for us. Read more »