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Secret show!

Keith Lowell Jensen just notified us of a secret comedy show tonight at the Java Lounge.

So sayeth Keith:

Well, the late Ray Molina will be there.
Keith “can’t find his socks?” Lowell Jensen
and Chazz “My first name is cooler than your first name” Hawkins will also be performing. You know who else? Steve “Raging Bull” Ferris and Me, John “I performed at the Hollywood Improv in 2008 AND 2007” Ross.

The secret is out! Oh yeah, we’ll all be at Java Lounge tonight (Wed, Feb 4th) at 8. Doors open at 5pm and stay that way till 10 or so. Get there by 7:26 or before 8.

$5 donations are encouraged!
Java Lounge is located at
2416 16th Street
Downtown Sacramento