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Brother Can You Spare a Ride?

Doug Biggert is a local institution. He’s known for many things, not the least of which is his twenty or so years in the trenches at Tower Books corporate where his unflagging support for small press oddballs helped kick start the zine revolution of the ’90s.

What is not generally known is that Biggert is a great photographer. We ran an article a few months back, but Biggert is not big on self-promotion, which explains why his first photo show (A Sandal Shop Wall, Newport Beach Museum of Art, 1971) and his second (Hitch-Hikers, Paris) were about 35 years apart.

Enter Xavier Carcelle, a Parisian who literally stumbled into Biggert’s work (in a cardboard box on DB’s floor) and decided that someone had to do something. “Something” turned out to be a few shows in Europe, and then a book, Hitch-Hikers, and now, Beautiful America, a documentary by Chloe Colpé and Carcelle about Doug Biggert and his work.