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2008 Year in Review

by Staff

As the end of the year approached, we asked a randomly selected group (i.e. we had their email addresses somewhere handy) of Midtowners to send in their thoughts about the best, worst or most memorable things about 2008. Here’s what we got back. Read more »

Musical Chairs

SteveSteve Martarano currently works as a senior information and education specialist with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Sacramento. A former reporter at the now defunct-Sacramento Union newspaper, Steve reviewed concerts for the Union in the mid-1980s, and considers the long gone Cal Expo Amphitheater as the best musical venue in Sacramento’s history. He and his wife, Sharon, have lived in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento for 25 years. Read more »

getting ready to go!

We’re approaching the deadline for the February issue and  thought I’d toss out a reminder that we are always looking for photos for our ‘Out and About’ section.  

What do we want?  You.  Your friends.  That great band/art show/science fair/garage sale/frog jump/?? you saw.  Decent quality (camera phone photos don’t cut it).  
Send ’em to:  outandabout at midtownmonthly dot net and we’ll use ’em if we can!