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Luigis Goes Crazy Tonight!

the Rantouls

NOBUNNY (Oakland)
RANTOULS (Sunnyvale?)

The show is all ages, starts at 9, and costs only $5.

Rock ‘n’ roll was born in the USA, and TH’ LOSIN’ STREAKS are such a definitive rock ‘n’ roll band that they are probably the one thing about Sacramento that most makes me feel patriotic. Solid and authentic 60’s nuts ‘n’ bolts are punched up with the strident drumwork of Matt K. Shrugg that is incredibly ferocious and cleverly jazzy. If you beat your Rock Band video game pads like this guy drums, your parents will never splurge for Christmas again. And if that’s not enough to get your dancefloor-mojo to rev up, there’s always Mike Farrell’s unconscious snake-charmin’ guitar solos which are just unreal.

One of the greatest showmen on earth today, NOBUNNY hops over here from Oakland for a third Central Valley appearance. He’s gregarious and superfun, but he’s not all about antics…His picture-perfect pop tunes smack of the sweetest 60’s bubblegummy foot-tappers and 70’s nuggets of powerpop. People fall in love with NoBunny’s irresistible songs. And, whenever he’s in Sacto, he gets emboldened by the ghostly spirit of the legendary Li’l Bunnies. But that’s not why the pants come off. That just happens regardless. Still got new versions of the “Love Visions” LP, plus a new 7″ on HoZac.

THE RANTOULS are reportedly one of the best, boffo-fun party-time bands in the Bay Area. I regretfully ignored them for a while because I couldn’t make sense of their name, but word of mouth outta the Bay kept growing so much about their lovable melodies and lyrics, drawing comparisons like “imagine if the Archies met the Traditional Fools”, so now I’m all ears. I’m banking on mass conversion of an unsuspecting fanbase now. New 7″ on Chocolate Covered Records.

Sacto’s ENGLISH SINGLES don’t just round out any bill. They’re not the kinda band you take for granted of and then introduce like “last, but not least”. The whole “also/ex-members-of” thing is kinda hard to avoid (Bananas, Nar, Yahmos, FM Knives,et al); hey, this is a supergroup! Truly, this is a brilliant band of sweet pop bliss and instant Loft heyday recall. But if you’re new to the area in the last decade, don’t let us oldfolks make you with you were born sooner…You can come and enjoy music, the likes of which John Pritchard and I talk wistfully about from 15-year-old memories, TODAY!!! And make a record already, guys!!!
NO WEBSITE, EITHER!!! (Just like them good ol’ days!)

Remember, if you are 21, pay for the show BEFORE you buy beer. Flash your wristband at the counter for beer specials.

-Rick Ele