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Return to Rohwer

By William J. Hughes, Photos by Jesse Vasquez

MasakoMy friend Masako lives in Oak Park here in Sacramento.  Maybe you know her.  She used to own Masako’s Café next to Tapa The World on J Street.  She and her then husband Sal Yniguez owned a few coffee houses/cafes here in Sacramento City in the 60s. Read more »

Musical Chairs

MattMatt K Shrugg is a one-dude tour de force.  He plays in far too many bands to list here (including several with MidMo contributors), has created promo illustrations for pretty much anything to do with music in Sacto, has won the SNR’s ‘Best Drummer’ Sammie Award three years running, produces the brilliantly erratic rock n’ roll zine th’ Swingin’ Creeper, AND keeps up at least three separate myspace accounts.   He has released three solo records so far this year and is currently at work on his debut album.   He’s 26. Read more »